The SIXT SEO Wiesn usually takes place at the end of September. The exact date is announced a few months in advance.  

The SIXT SEO Wiesn 2023 will take place on Tuesday 26th September. 

We’d love for you to come dressed in traditional Bavarian “Tracht” (Lederhosen or Dirndl). That way we will have and feel the spirit of the Oktoberfest all day long.  

However: This is not mandatory – everyone can and should come as they feel most comfortable! 

No, there is no ticket price for attendees of SIXT SEO Wiesn.  

However, we kindly ask our participants to make a donation to the Regine SIXT Children’s Aid Foundation. There is no tracking or obligation – but we highly appreciate ever voluntary donation! 

The SIXT SEO Wiesn is a mini in-house SEO conference hosted by SIXT and the SEO team. There are no tickets to buy, as this is an exclusive, invitation-only networking event for SEO professionals and digital experts. 

The talks usually start around 10am and last until 4pm. However, all participants are invited to a joint breakfast provided by SIXT. This will usually take place from 9am to 10am 

If you can’t make it to breakfast – please make sure you arrive no later than 9.45am as the conference officially starts at 10am. 

Please be aware, that times can vary – the fixed agenda for each year will be provided on our event schedule page as well as via email for all participants. 

Just bring yourself – you will receive your badge at the entrance to SIXT HQ, where some of our SEO team will welcome you on arrival. 

Yes, we will provide lunch for all participants and not only that – SIXT will also provide breakfast as well as food and drinks at the Oktoberfest later in the day. 

Of course! Just let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements. You will receive an email asking you to let us know and the date by which we will need the information. 

First of all – we are delighted to have you as a speaker.  

In general, we need to know the title/topic of your talk about a month before the event – but you will receive an email from us with more detailed information. This will also give you a deadline for sending in your presentation and the specific time slot for your talk. 

Yes, there is plenty of time for networking over breakfast, lunch and breaks. We also plan to finish the presentations around 4pm, which will give everyone half an hour of dedicated networking time before we head out for a group photo. 

So even if you can’t make it to the warm-up event or the Oktoberfest party, you’ll still have the chance to talk to other awesome SEO nerds and digital professionals. 

At the HQ you will be greeted by some of our team. They will show you the way to the café where we meet for breakfast. From there, just follow us to the meeting room.  

We’ll also mark the most important routes (like the toilets) for the day so you can’t miss them. And you can always ask one of our SEO team members for help.  

We will also provide you with maps and detailed information on how to get to the Schützenfestzelt and later from the tent to the shuttles. Some team members will also be on hand throughout the evening to help you find your way. 

Generally, we try to organise an unofficial warm-up event on the eve of the SIXT SEO Wiesn. You will receive information about this via email in advance. Please note that as this is an unofficial get-to-know-you event, food and drink will be at your expense.  

While we don’t offer monetary compensation to our speakers and guests, we do provide recommendations for accommodation and transportation. At SEO Wiesn, we celebrate both knowledge and camaraderie. All attendees can enjoy complimentary food and drinks at our afterparty and during Oktoberfest, all generously sponsored by SIXT. It’s an enlightening and festive experience reserved for our select invitees!


After the talks and networking, a shuttle bus will take us all directly to the Munich Oktoberfest at around 4.45/5pm. Details and time will be given to you on the day and by email in advance. 

We will be providing transport to take us from the Oktoberfest to the club where the after party will be held. 

Full details will follow closer to the event and there will always be someone from the team on hand to help you find your way from the Schützenzelt to the shuttles. 

We will have our own table in the Schützenfestzelt, where food and drinks are on us. 

No worries. Although we’d love you to come dressed in traditional Bavarian “tracht”, this is not compulsory. Feel free to come as you feel most comfortable.  

If you would like to buy a traditional costume, we will be happy to give you tips on where to buy one when you are in Munich. We will provide more detailed tips for you closer to the event. 

Yes, of course we have some tips for you to enjoy more evenings independently of our joint visit to the Oktoberfest. 

  • You should bring cash, car payment is not guaranteed 
  • We recommend to plan a budget between 60 to 80 Euros for a day at the Munich Oktoberfest 
  • The beer price varies every year, watch out for news on this 
  • We recommend to always tip the waitress/waiter – otherwise they might stop coming to your table 
  • The best tents to enjoy the Oktoberfest spirit are “Schützenfestzelt”, “Himmel der Bayern” and “Schottenhammel” 
  • Oktoberfest can be really busy – but you can always try going to the “Oide Wiesn”. Tis is a traditional section within the area with traditional dances and other entertainment. It is less wild, but usually has space as it costs a small fee to enter.  
  • A walk around the area is also really nice. Go to the beer garden or the “Weißbier carousels” – also perfect for a cheaper, not so wild day.  
  • Avoid a visit at the Hofbräuhaus as this will be full with tourists that time of year. (Unless you want to experience how wild some tourists get) 

See You On
September 26th!

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